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Tue, 01May07

TechReflection: XHTML 1.0 Strict & Transitional

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It was confirmed last week that we can use either XHTML 1.0 Strict or XHTML 1.0 Transitional in DMT. I researched into the differences between them.

XHTML 1.0 Transitional is the same as HTML 4.01 Transitional, but follows XML syntax rules. It supports everything found in XHTML 1.0 Strict, but also permits the use of a number of elements and attributes that are judged presentational.

XHTML 1.0 Strict is the same as HTML 4.01 Strict, but follows XML syntax rules.

You can find more info on this topic here.


Tue, 20Mar07

DMT category -more

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The DMT category continues.  Click here to continue.

Fri, 09Mar07


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Click here for New Media All-in-one Resources

Thu, 08Mar07

Time Zone: WordPress

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Just noticed that wordpress’ time needs to configure to local time zone, eg. +10 for Sydney, otherwise it will show a wrong time like the time in the notes I posted before. I haven’t figured out if wordpress does day light saving automatically, for now, I have to put in +11 instead of +10 to adjust to the right time.

I ajusted the time by loging into my account in wordpress, then Options>General and added +11 to the space after “Times in the weblog should differ by”, it’s working nicely.

Complete Guide: Building Website

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Got this full electronic tutorial including new software today, hips of goodies inside, it has a big “Complete!” sign on the backcover, I took a quick tour, gee, it does look quite comprehensive, I am convinced it’s a good reference to buy.

Bought some useless stuff before, including an electronic tooth brush, top brand, went to the bin in just 2 short weeks of trial and error.

It also has a guide on blogging, attracting visitors, search engin listing, etc. You can see more on its cover.

complete guide web design & blogging


5:12 PM 28/03/2007 Glad you found it helpful Seema 🙂

Wed, 07Mar07

DMT Resources

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Victor Wang Says: March 7th, 2007 at 10:02 am

Nice try, man. Maybe we can leave our learning progress and relative e-resources here.


I think we can do this as an extension to what we are doing in the uni forum, so we can continue to develop it even after the subject is completed. Simply comment on any post in the “DMT: ideas+resources” category, they will group together automatically in one place 🙂

Tue, 06Mar07

DMT: ideas+resources

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Just a quick tip for all the DMT fanatics 🙂 you can click on the “DMT: ideas+resources” on the right hand side to see all the DMT related topics and nothing else.

Alternatively, bookmark this linek

If you have any good DMT resources, comment on this post.

Mon, 05Mar07

SWOT Example

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The template I made in the attachment is designed to help start SWOT with a clear view. Feel free to download it if you find it helpful.

James 🙂

SWOT Template Download: swot-template.doc



If you are confused about tables, simply create some questions like these and answer them one by one. You can’t go wrong with this approach 🙂


Tell us your preferred name.

I’m James and people do call me James or its variations most of the time. There is one exception though. One day I heard someone called out “Max” in a strong accent, I was the last one in the whole street to realize a creative Brazilian friend was calling me from another car. We had quite a bit of laugh after that. I still don’t know where that creation come from. Anyway, you can be creative, just allow me sometime to get used to it:)

What attracted you to online communications? What do you hope to gain by undertaking online communications?

Online communications are seen everywhere these days. Knowing a bit more on the technological side of it can only make life easier.

My collections of personal and professional photographs can now be share with other people online, it offers me a great deal of flexibility in managing and using them. As much as I love visual arts, it’s impossible for me not to like online photo albums.

Business wise, online communication is becoming a main stream media for marketing and advertising. The rapid growth in these areas is not likely to slow down soon. I am particularly interested in its application in the international settings, eg. Combining online communications with cultural understanding to enhance Australian businesses’ presentation overseas in a more effective way, or vis versa.

By utilising online communications, I hope to share knowledge and cool stuff with new and old friends online. In addition to getting hands on experience through the development of the project, I also aim to build a collection of resources and social networks to sustain continuous networking online for years to come.

What attracts you about online communications?

I’m motivated by my life time interests in socialising and newly available opportunities both personally and professionally. The endless possibility of online communications fascinates me.

What constitutes “success” for you in online communications?

Meeting with lot of interesting people and share cool stuff with them.

What do you feel are your personal strengths?

In addition to those listed in the swot table, I am also passionate about what I do and quite comfortable with helping others with what I am good at.

What do you feel you need to improve upon, or would like to develop?

Although there are lot of things in online communications I want to learn, I realise it’s not something that I can learn and stop hoping they never change. My overall objective is to continue to build a collection of resources and social networks. See also the swot table.

What are the opportunities you see for yourself in learning and applying knowledge and skills in your technical area of interest? What, if know, are your learning objectives?

In addiction to what’s in the swot table. I am also encouraged by the synergy we created among friends and associates around the world.

What, if any, are the potential threats, challenges or obstacles you feel you might face in achieving your objectives?

Haven’t yet encountered more than what’s in the swot table.

Describe any production, design or technical skills or experience you have with online communication OR give us a brief description of your background and experience.

Since the first bit is in the swot table, I just add a little more to the OR bit here. I got involved in visual arts when I was a kid as my uncle was a accomplished artist and we have our own darkroom for traditional photo processing. My parents family is quite multicultural. I have a bunch of relatives who are swiss and a large number of relatives living all around the world. My father was from Hong Kong and my mother from the mainland and I am an Australian.

I watched a very funny street performance at darling harbour last week. The guy tried to crack a joke by saying “some people were from overseas, but they are now Australian citizens”, I was thinking “Ok, but is it something new?”. That was the boring bit probably because I am too used to the multicultural way of life, so it lost its intended effect on me. Fortunately he had a lot more to come and I laughed all the way to the end, it was so funny. By now , you might have noticed I am a positive person and like to enjoy a bit of laugh every now and then.

I won’t say I am a die hard tree hugger, but I admit I do hug a few trees whenever I can. It’s good to have them around for a little longer, don’t you think?

Besides the obvious and those in the swot table, I also listen to lots of music and edit some of them to put in flash movies for fun. But I have a lot more to learn in audio editing if I decide to implement sound into real life projects.

Post a URL that tells your friends something about your area of interest in interactive communications. It can be a resource website or an example of an interesting or innovative use of web technologies. Why have you chosen to share this particular URL with the group? – the true interactive tv that’s going to make the current interactive tv look like… not interactive at all. It’s an ongoing project being developed by the same people who made kazaa and skype. Needless to say, it’s guaranteed cutting-edge. They left previous projects nicely, pocketed a handsome payout from google and is currently working on this one. Worth keeping an eye on it.

Tell us about a technology topic, area or issue you feel passionate about? What would be the three most important points about this you feel you must convey to your friends?

Mobility. There is no reason for anyone to go to a desk just to send a email or use some software to edit a document. Some other compelling advantages include: 1-mobility can stimulate creativity, how often a good idea is lost by the time you get to your desk, 2-mobility allows people to use time more efficiently 3-mobility is environmental friendly and energy efficient, eg. you may no longer need to travel to a certain location to work.

—–3:04 PM 3/09/2007—–

*This has become one of the most visited posts. Many people expressed they found the template useful for work or study, so I decided to keep it here. This Swot was originally developed for specific purpose and has just been modified to be generic to make it easier to understand. If any of the contents doesn’t make sense, simple ignore it and use the template to develop your own 🙂

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